Interstate 10 - The Maricopa Freeway

It's getting wider and the state needs land.

Over the next several years, the Arizona Department of Transportation will be buying land along the existing freeway to have the room needed to construct up to 12 additional traffic lanes. This website, brought to you by the law firm of Martin and Bell, is designed to keep you up to date on progress of this project and provide links to important information that land owners affected by the project can use.

Current Status: For the lane expansion on both sides of the I-10, the initial draft of the required Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is currently being reviewed by ADOT. It is anticipated that the EIS will be open for public comment in the spring of 2010. The final EIS should be issued near the end of 2011 with construction commencing in 2014. ADOT has carefully balanced the project by taking property on both sides of the road so that no individual area is subject to "red-lining." ADOT is trying to treat all impacted property owners the same, for fundamental fairness. ADOTís early acquisition program is in place and ADOT is attempting to deal with the "hardship cases" and those commercial enterprises that require a long lead-time to preserve the activity and to preserve jobs.

The Mayor of Tempe has been active in promoting the project. Most of the stakeholders support the project. This is a massive project because of the impact on the developed property and because the road is the essential link between Tempe and Phoenix. ADOT is doing the best job it can to move the final planning along to meet current and projected traffic needs.

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